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Neurodivergent Support

are you neuro-spicy?

Welcome, so are we.


As a neuro-spicy individual herself, Lauren (owner/founder), has first-hand knowledge of how different life can be with ADHD or Autism and how much shame can be associated with it. At Clarity For Your Chaos, we have a no judgment and no shame policy. In fact, we see neuro-divergency as something to be celebrated.

Lauren has spent her life identifying ways to create systems that make spaces more comfortable and effective for people with sensory challenges.

We believe you need to understand the spectrum in order to understand the person. For example, some people need things very clean, some people need things in their line of sight to ensure they aren’t forgotten, some people need a soothing environment filled with candles, and some people need built-in “quick-wins” to create dopamine dumps to create focused time. We work with all types of people. We need to know the why in how you work, to figure out a solution that works best for you. 

Often as adults, we’re taught to unlearn play and simplify colors and sensory experiences. Yet for neuro-spicy individuals, the right combination of these elements can help create focus. We create spaces and systems with this in mind.